Wednesday, October 06, 2004

TV Sucks, but it's better than doing something...

Remote controls. Can't live with them and can't find it when you need it. What is the average life span of a remote control? Have you ever had one long enough to change the batteries in it? "Uhh, there's batteries in them things?"

Where have you been? Not fixing the remote control I see. How long can you sit watching TV without having to fight the urge to change the channel even while wanting to watch what was on? Five minutes, five seconds and every five seconds thereafter? I always have the urge to change the channel, no matter what is on right now and whether or not it is in full swing or during a commercial.

There just isn't much left on TV to hold my interest. I'm beginning to think that if it ain't on the History Channel it ain't shit, and ain't much on the History Channel lately been much better than shit. Thank God I have a brain and have found other means to entertain myself. Well, I've never actually seen it. My brain that is. Since I can tie a knot in my tennis shoes without getting any of my fingers caught in it, I figure I probably got one. It's a vicious circle type of argument. Sometimes I win that one and sometimes I don't.

I have caught myself thinking while watching the TV. Oh my God, call the thinking while watching TV police. Thinking while watching TV? What will I do next? Anyway, I've often noticed that while watching TV I am mostly just remaining motionless looking at the electronic moving picture box with what I imagine to be a blank, dumb yet content, emotionless stare.

Now, here is where the thought process must be utilized. Imagine, if you will, yourself watching TV, sitting or laying motionless, just staring at the electronic moving picture box as always. Now, take away only the TV with everything else remaining the same and imagine what an alien observer would think if he saw you sitting or laying motionless, just staring at nothing, with a dumb yet content, look on your face.

That freaks me out every time I try it. What does it do for you?


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