Monday, October 18, 2004

2B or not 2B

What was the question?
Whether it is far nobler to suffer the slings and arrows blah blah blah....

Shakespeare, can't live with him, because he's dead, don't know where he's buried. Not necessarily true, I think the location of his grave is known, I just mean I don't where it is. My favorite Shakespeare is the bit about "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother....." and so on, really a great bit. I can't remember it all, but if you want to read the whole bit, look for it here.

Enjoy it as I have over the years since I first heard it recited in a Danny Devito movie called Renaissance Man. I could tell you all about Shakespeare but,... I failed that course.

Things were certainly different back in his day. Again, I could tell you all about it but,... I failed that course too. Men played all the parts in the play, even in Romeo and Juliet. Now, we have women on the stage playing the female parts, and doing a damn fine job of it I say. Here!, here! I wonder why it took so long for it to catch on.

I can see it now.....

All in English accents;

"I say there, William. Why don't we cast Lillian here as Juliet. I think it to be a smashing good idea."

"No, and besides, dear Rupert so has his heart set on it."

"Bummer, I say."

And so, a really good idea got back burnered for centuries, all because Rupert was a drag queen. Well, it could have happened that way. But not likely.

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