Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I don't know what it is exactly

That's been my problem for a long time. Not knowing what it is exactly. Do you know what it is exactly? I've never met anyone who knew what it was exactly. I knew a guy once who said he knew what it was exactly, but he got run over by a drunk driver on a Honda. So much for meeting the nicest people......

Anyway, to know what it is exactly is the quest of science, religion, alchemy, astrology and Mrs. Peterson's 3rd period home economics class. Einstein probably knew what it was exactly but was unable to explain it in English. Too much math, not enough nouns.

I figure I'll be dead about a week when someone finally figures out what it is exactly and can tell everyone. By then it will be too late because I'll have been dead for about a week.

I really don't care if anybody else ever finds out what it is exactly as long as somehow I find out what it is exactly. But if I knew, I would tell everybody. You know what, there is probably some guy in the world who does know what it is exactly, but oh no, he's not telling a soul. We ought to find this guy and make him tell everyone what it is exactly. But we don't exactly know who this guy is, do we? Damn it, now there's two things we don't know exactly. One, we don't know what it is exactly, and two, we don't know who it is who knows what it is exactly, exactly.

What makes a woman tick?

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