Wednesday, October 13, 2004

SSDD Number 16697

Like a rock, the truck commercial, remember? Like a rock, huh? I always thought I'd rather drive a truck that was more like a truck. Well, don't let me stop you from driving a rock, but I'll keep my truck, thank you.

Let's see whats in the news, shall we. Here's a headline for you. "Cities Raise Property Taxes" Well, no shit, Sherlock. I like a headline like that. After reading that headline I already know all I need to know. No need to read the article. Sort of like an obituary. If the son of bitch is dead I don't need his phone number anymore.

Here's another one. "Flint Rates Flat Through 2012" Yeah, flat like an inclined plane.

And "What About Those Tax Cuts?" Enough said.

That's it. Well it was a small paper. Only three really good headlines in the whole joint.

I've got to get out more and take some digital pictures, but in the area where I live there isn't exactly an abundance of beautiful vistas, let alone a beautiful vista with a sunrise or sunset available. Have you ever taken a bunch of photos thinking these are the best photos you've ever taken in your life only to find out later you captured every piece of shit parked car or garbage truck in Georgia right in there with the rest of your subject?

Or better yet.... No one in my pictures has a head.

I used to be interested in local geology until I moved to Georgia. All you need to know about Georgia, at least where I live, is that Georgia is covered in red clay. The answer to every geological question about Georgia is "red clay."

"What is the surface and subsurface geology of Georgia?" "Red clay."

"What is the most abundant surface mineral outcrop in Georgia?" "Red clay."

"Are there any rocks in Georgia." "No, only red clay."

Instead of "Georgia on my mind" on the license plates it ought to say "Georgia on my shoes." I was disappointed. You have to dig through a lot of red clay to get a rock in Georgia. Or just go buy one, you know, like a truck.

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