Sunday, October 24, 2004

Laughing all the way to the cemetary

That part of life about being nice and mindful of the feelings of others is okay and all, but the simple truth of the matter is we have become a nation of bored people because of it. Now that I have your attention, let me explain.

Have you ever been asked, "Does this dress make me look fat?" Or maybe something along that thread. That's right up there with, "Does my stuck foot in this trash can, that is also on fire, make me look stupid?"

Now, I've never been asked a question like those before by anyone, and God help the fool who does. I was just thinking about such questions during my lunch today and the "make me look fat?" one sort of just stuck in my head. I had a really good laugh then. And later today going into Wal-Mart, in front of me was a woman with a really huge pair of shorts on, striped vertically of course, and I did laugh my ass all the way off. I couldn't help thinking she had asked someone, "Do these shorts make me look fat?" After I picked my ass up off the floor, I went my merry way into Wal-Mart, she never the wiser to what I thought was so funny.

I imagine in real life no one really asks such questions, do they? Or, do they? Someone did ask me the other day at work, a customer on the phone that is, "Can taking prenatal vitamins make me pregnant?"

"No ma'am, only sex can do that," I said.

I guess it is the kind things we do that are important, and we should feel a little bad when we make fun of other people just so we can have a laugh or two. But, I think life would be so boring if we never took advantage of the opportunity to have a laugh now and then. If we step on someone's feelings we can always apologize and explain to them that we just couldn't help ourselves. And maybe, just maybe, they'll get a good laugh at themselves as a result.

I was inspired to write this bit of humor by a good friend of mine, who sometimes pokes a little fun at people then feels really bad about herself. Don't be so hard on yourself. Though you are still quite young, that final move to the cemetary will come soon enough, and you might as well let yourself have a good time while on the way there.


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