Sunday, November 01, 2009


Involvement as an accomplice in a questionable act or crime. With emphasis on the "involvement as an accomplice" portion of the definition, I would say without hesitation that most of the popular major media outlets, and you know who those outlets are, without doubt are engaging in complicit behaviour when they publish "news" stories that somehow contribute to the growing paradigm that citizen is an antiquated term that has been superseded by a more "progressive" dismissive as "the masses."

The individual is dead and really exists only as a small part of a greater whole, whose welfare is determined by self appointed philosopher kings, known otherwise by such terms as Senator, Congressman, Czar and President. City Councilman, Mayor and County Sheriff are soon to be added to the known as also list, you just wait.

Just pick up a newspaper, if there are any still being published where you live, and read a few of the stories. Find one where the government is somehow involved and think about how the role of the government is presented in the story and how minimal the role of the ordinary citizen is portrayed, if at all. Now think to yourself how the portrayal of government squares with the idea that our "elected officials" are our servants.

Like in the Allstate Insurance commercial: Confused? Don't be. That is the paradigm I speak of, where government is everything and we are nothing. It is the paradigm that the popular major media outlets have been complicit in supporting for decades. It is the paradigm they want you to become comfortable with. It is the paradigm that will be used to enslave you and your family, your neighbors and friends. In the end, government will be the Queen and We, the people, will merely be worker ants.

Complicity: Involvement as an accomplice in a questionable act or crime. But the good news is, all the reporters and talking heads who helped bring about the great ant mound will also be worker ants too. Not even they will be spared the disgrace, and in the great crime of enslaving millions in the once land of the free, that may be the only justice one can point to.


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