Thursday, September 11, 2008

What if Obama wins the election?

Instead of an Atheist Thought of the Week, and since this is my blog, I would like to ask a question. I have read an article or two on the consequences of Obama losing the election, with a hint there may be some rioting in some or all of the major US cities. That would certainly be a less than a favorable outcome under this premise. In one article it was put as perhaps being like the rioting after Rodney King was beaten by police. But what if he won? And then some ignorant, deep south, raving racist lunatic from perhaps Mississippi or Louisiana, though not limited to just those two states, managed to kill him. What kind of rioting would come of that? One can only hope it won't come to that. But I fear, though we as a nation have made great strides in learning to live together as civilised peoples, it has not been so long as to be certain there is not one or more determined racist that will not brook a black man as President.

The premise just outlined to you is not original with me. A friend who has more time to think of such things as I do put this in my head. It is something to wonder about and prepare for if only somewhat minimally however you may think you should where you live. Where I live I doubt anything will happen as I live in a very rural area of Middle Georgia, but the Cities of Macon and Atlanta a little north and just a bit farther north of me respectfully could see some outcries of injustice. And let's not discount the power and ability of Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan to exacerbate any situation to deadly proportions.

As it gets closer to November we should all think about this and prepare accordingly. Hopefully the election will go smoothly and the loser will be graceful and nothing else will come about as a result either way. But chance favors the prepared mind and perhaps that is all I am really saying here.

Good night, Gracie!


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