Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Little Short Story

I sat down at a table in the back of the bar. The waitress, a curvy young girl and dressed seductively, came up to the table and stopped so that I when I turned my head to speak to her I looked right into her cleavage. I really liked what she had and she knew it, too. When I finally looked up to her face she was already smiling at my look of disbelief.

"What'll you have, Honey?"

"I'd like a Sam Adams lager unless you haven't any or may recommend something."

"A Sam Adams lager it is."

She smartly turned around and I was hopelessly lost in lust as she walked away toward the bar, her ass and my eyes bouncing the whole way until she disappeared in shadow. I could still make out her white short shorts but only vaguely. After a few minutes she returned with my beer. I paid with a ten and she gave me five back after I told her to keep the change.

"I haven't seen you in here before. Is this your first time here?"

"Yeah, I usually just stay home and read or surf the Internet or whatever. I live across the street at the Marlborough Apartments. I was bored a little and thought maybe I should stop in for a while."

"I live at the Marlborough, too. Apartment 235.

"Apartment 204. I've lived there for over a year. How about you?"

"Just a couple of months. Say, I've got to get busy or Mike will have a cow. Maybe you could stay a while. Only two hours till closing. We should get together after."

Maybe you'd like something to eat. There's a Waffle House just a block away."

"I'd like that. I haven't eaten out in a long time."

I sat there for two hours. I only had one more beer, slowly sipping them. I almost couldn't finish the second one it was so warm. I didn't want to get drunk. I've never liked being drunk and tonight was my first alcohol in several months. I'm not against drinking alcohol, just being drunk. Since I was in a bar and I do enjoy a beer, I drank a couple. Slowly though. I didn't want to become drunk for two reasons. One, I hate being drunk and two I figured...I suddenly realised I don't know her name yet, and she doesn't know mine. Oh well, after she is off work we'll get to the introductions. Oh, and two, I thought maybe she had seen her fair share of drunks.

Occasionally over the two hours she would stop by for a second and wink at me or ask if I needed anything. I just shook my head no and she would whisk on by. I thought to myself maybe she doesn't drink on duty as a lot of bar waitresses learn to do, especially strip bars. This bar wasn't a strip bar but it sure had a lot of very good looking, young and seductively dressed young ladies as waitresses. I saw a few of them drink from a glass from behind the bar, but I never saw her doing it. Besides, when we did get to the Waffle House, a first date sort of, I didn't want her to be turned off by me being drunk. If she was a little tipsy it wouldn't mean so much to me as I thought me being drunk might mean to her.

I had to wait outside for the bar to close. It was a fair part of town. I wasn't afraid of being mugged so much as being arrested by the cops for hanging outside a closed bar for whatever reason they might imagine. Anyway, I wasn't arrested and she came out with the rest of the crowd of employees after just ten minutes.

I recognised her only by her figure. She had changed clothes, as did everyone before coming outside, but I could tell it was her even in the jeans and light black jacket she had over her tanktop. I offered her my arm and she took it pulling my arm close to her tightly. I could feel her shivering. And I could feel the warmth of her breast on my arm. It was a bit cold for an August morning in Atlanta, but I began to feel a rush of warmth come up my chest into my face. I wondered where the night may go, and if she would be a part of it with me unto morning.


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