Friday, January 05, 2007

Pocket Notebook: Cure or BandAid?

Today the gang at work was busy talking about the weather outside. It was raining fairly good with a little thunder and talk of tornado watches and warnings and what to do in a tornado was on every one's lips. One of the blond girls declared that hiding under an interstate bridge was the wrong thing to do. The boss, rather nicely and well done, corrected her. All I could think of in that moment was the blond has done it again.

On another road, one less travelled, (metaphor?), not all blonds are dizzy. We have two blonds where I work and only one of them says really funny stuff. "I sometimes forget to eat." She really said that once.

Right turn! I really had a good idea for a really short story about a week ago. I failed to make a note of it. I was at that place where you can't just stop what you are doing to jot down a good idea = work. I remember trying to remember what it was but as you can tell, I forgot. It was funny and probably somewhat original. In that it was somewhat original was the best part. It need not have been funny as long as it was original. I do wish I could remember what it was.

Yesterday I bought a pocket composition book. It looks just like the real big ones except it fits in a shirt pocket. To go with it I found a pen made by Zebra that can be configured to fit in a small pocket and yet is a full size pen when in use. It is the Zebra F-301 Compact. I use the Zebra F-301 with blue ink at my job and I like the Zebra line of pens. I've used them for years.

Carrying a small notebook and pen in my pocket is one way to avoid forgetting a good idea, and bad ideas too. Anyway if I should be at work, or some other place, and another good idea pops in my head I hope I can steal away from what I'm doing and jot a little down about the idea so as to not forget. Only time will tell.


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